Having spent over 20 years working across telecommunications and IT I am passionate about providing tools to help busy people reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

 I am passionate about yoga and the many modalities that have helped me reduce stress, anxiety and previous symptoms of depression.

I share the practices that have been powerful and healing in my life and deliver these without the woo woo.

I look forward to seeing you online soon.


Mindfulness Practices 

Soul State works with organisations to lead them through mindfulness methods to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, increase energy, and improve productivity.

Enhancing physical, emotional, and mental well being at the core of the business. Participants can benefit from deep rest which strengthens mind and body, provides emotional toughness, improves memory, and eliminates negative thoughts. The practice can also counteract stress and improve stress resistance.

Yoga at Home


Soul State is a corporate mindfulness online platform. 


Providing a variety of sessions and times for employees to gain valuable time and space for greater health and productivity.


 Live sessions can be accessed online that are easy, accessible & affordable

Our core passion is to provide tools to assist busy people with methods to explore relaxation, restoration, physical health & stress management.

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Deeply healing practice perfect for anyone needing additional rest. The practice  includes a sleep meditation recommended for healing the mind body and emotions. It is often referred to as Yoga Nidra. We follow the teachings of 'I AM Yoga Nidra' teachings.

Meditation Class


Relieve tension in the body. Calm your mind and cultivate a sense of peace.

Yin yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses. Excellent for anyone new to yoga, who plays sport  and requires a good stretch for the physical body or just wanting to find balance from a busy yang lifestyle.

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Transformational Yoga is an integral health experience balancing mind, body and breath.  It has an in depth focus on asana's, breathing and meditation techniques to purify the body, stabilise emotions and focus your mind.

“I’d highly recommend Soul State Deep Relaxation for corporate wellness programs. Susan Douglass is a master at her craft.” – Karin Aviles, Head of Marketing, Centrica Business Solutions North America

Susan's genuine passion for and positive personal experiences with yoga make her a great instructor and leader for participants of the yoga program ran at Sunshine Hospital for EFM health clubs. Although already highly professional her willingness to upskill and master her art is both inspiring and reassuring for me as a client. 

Jarrod Borg EFM Health Clubs [Sunshine Hospital]


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Yoga at Home

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